Live Webinar: Interviewing and Onboarding Individuals with Disabilities for Hiring Managers



Preparing your management team to easily navigate and gain a comfort level meeting and interviewing applicants with a variety of disabilities. Creating a focus on interviewing based on the skills and qualifications required for the position. Developing a fundamental understanding of accommodations, myths and realities of hiring/employing people with disabilities.  Creating a comfortable environment for all.


Format and Timing:

1.5 Hours Session conducted via WebEx.  This introductory module is appropriate for all management levels within your organization.  The module is interactive and provides a solid foundation for successfully recruiting and hiring people with disabilities


Training Topics

  • Brief overview of OFCCP and Disability
  • Learn about your own fears and attitudes
  • Learn how to conduct an interview with someone who is blind, deaf or in a wheelchair
  • What you need to know about hidden disabilities
  • Learn what you can and cannot say or do in an interview – legal vs illegal questions
  • Learn how to be fully inclusive in your role as a leader
  • Learn how to be at ease and professional


Potential Outcomes:

  • Identify and hire the best qualified individuals
  • Learn how to be an effective manager of a diverse work group
  • Build a sustainable inclusive culture for all
  • Develop a competitive hiring and recruiting process
  • Decrease employment liability exposure