Live Webinar: The Accommodation Process



Providing the fundamentals for a functional and efficient accommodations process to support applicants, new hires and your existing employees who request accommodations.


Format and Timing:

1.5 Hour Session conducted via webinar.  This introductory module is appropriate for all management levels throughout your organization.  The module is interactive and provides a solid foundation for establishing a OFCCP compliance plan as it relates to disability employment. 


Training Topics

  • What is the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program?
  • What about Section 503, EEO, ADAAA and Section 508?
  • How the ADA expansion changes the definition of disability
  • Why should you care?
  • What are state and federal government priorities?
  • How to manage risk while using common sense and good business practices
  • Build a sustainable compliance plan
  • Identify resources to assist with compliance


Potential Outcomes:

  • Save time and reduce stress
  • Be prepared for your OFCCP audit
  • Reduce potential of ongoing audits
  • Increase goodwill for employees, customers and constituents
  • Build a compliance strategy that results in increased disability employment
  • Decrease compliance liability exposure