Maximize YOUR Bottom Line With Employment Tax Credits


Objective: Your staff will become familiar with Tax Credits available to companies that hire people with disabilities and the requirements for successfully administering and filing for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and other related tax credits.


Format and Timing: 1 Hour Session conducted via WebEx. Appropriate for all members of your human resources and your regulatory and tax teams. A typical tax credit case consistent with your company’s situation is examined in detail. Questions welcomed. Ability to customize session content to meet your particular requirements.


Training Topics

  • Overview of the Tax Credit regulations
  • Detailed review of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
  • Learn about other state and local tax credits for which you may qualify
  • Learn who is a qualified employee
  • Learn about filing requirements
  • Learn about outsourcing the administration
  • Learn how this can help increase disability employment


Potential Outcomes:

  • Show ROI for disability hiring – $1500 to $9000 in tax credits per eligible hire
  • Offset your hiring and training costs by as much as 10-20%
  • Realize that as many as 10% to 30% of your new hires may qualify
  • Introduce disability employment as a cost savings rather than an expenditure!