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Live Webinar: Interviewing and Positioning Individuals with Disabilities for Recruiters

Recruiting and hiring candidates with disabilities or those with accommodation needs can present apprehension for many recruiters and HR people. But avoiding qualified individuals with disabilities could cause you to miss out on a potential all-star employee. Worse yet, you could be violating ADA/ADAAA regulations. Knowing what questions to ask and, better yet, how to ask them can make a real difference in discovering all types of qualified candidates, including those with disabilities or accommodation needs. This live 90-minute, interactive webinar provides a practical, solid foundation for successfully recruiting and positioning people with disabilities. Developed specifically for the day-to-day tasks of recruiters, this webinar allows up to 25 members of your recruiting and talent acquisition teams to discover more about: the recruiter’s role from OFCCP compliance and other disability regulations, interviewing etiquette techniques, do’s and don’ts interview questions, forms of hidden disabilities, disclosure and requests for accommodations, building a sustainable, more inclusive culture, decreasing employment liability exposure, and more. Increase your pool of qualified applicants today by elevating your expertise when it comes to interviewing and hiring those with disabilities. Format and Timing: 1.5 Hour Session conducted via webinar.  This introductory module is appropriate for all members of your recruiting and talent acquisition teams.  The module is interactive and provides a solid foundation for successfully recruiting people with disabilities. Training Topics

  • Brief overview of OFCCP and Disability
  • Learn about your own fears and attitudes
  • Learn how to conduct an interview with someone who is blind, deaf or in a wheelchair
  • What you need to know about hidden disabilities
  • Learn what you can and cannot say or do – legal vs illegal questions
  • Learn about disclosure and requests for accommodations
  • Learn how to be at ease and professional
  • Learn how to present the qualified candidate in an unbiased way

Potential Outcomes:

  • Identify and hire the best qualified individuals
  • Help put hiring managers at ease by focusing on abilities
  • Build a sustainable inclusive culture for all
  • Develop a competitive hiring and recruiting process
  • Decrease employment liability exposure