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Live Webinar: Etiquette 101 for Customers, Employees, and Co-Workers

Hiring an employee with a disability can create apprehension or uncertainty among fellow co-workers on how to communicate. Often there are unknowns about that employee’s ability to perform or how to best work with them. Dealing with customers that have a disability can also make some employees uneasy. Whether your team works in an office or with the public, they need the knowledge and skills to interact respectfully with individuals that are disabled. Give your people the support they need to create a more inclusive workplace that’s friendly toward those with disabilities. In this live 90-minute, interactive webinar, HirePotential founder Sheridan Walker focuses on building a fundamental understanding and corporate culture which supports and models inclusion for people with disabilities. Designed for up to 25 participants, this webinar allows your employees, co-workers and customers to learn more about: disability myths, fears and attitude barriers, understanding basic etiquette, seeing beyond the disability and focusing on the ability, disability and service animal etiquette, communicating through an interpreter, decreasing liability exposure, and more. Sensitize your personnel to the issue of disability and give everyone the ability to create a great, customer experience, relaxed environment and inclusive environment for all. Format and Timing: 1.5 Hours Session conducted via WebEx .  This introductory module is appropriate for use throughout the organization.  The module is interactive and provides a solid foundation for successfully supporting and integrating employees with disabilities. Training Topics:

  • Learn about myths, fears and attitude barriers
  • Learn how to see beyond the disability and focus on ability
  • Learn what you can and cannot say or do – disability etiquette tips
  • Learn how to communicate through an interpreter
  • Learn about service animal etiquette
  • Learn how you can make a difference
  • Learn how to build a fully inclusive culture

Potential Outcomes:

  • Enhance communication with people who have disabilities, both employees and current and prospective customers
  • Reduce the barriers and increase the understanding of people with disabilities
  • Sensitize personnel to the issue of disability
  • Facilitate open communication regarding employment issues for people with disabilities
  • Build good customer service and experience
  • Build a sustainable inclusive culture of respect for all
  • Be recognized for socially responsible business practices
  • Ensure a successful disabilities program
  • Decrease employment liability exposure