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Live Webinar: Interviewing and Onboarding Individuals with Disabilities for Hiring Managers

Most hiring managers are not well-versed in HR matters. This can lead to inappropriate or even illegal questions during interviews of candidates. Add in the complication of a qualified candidate with a disability and many managers are likely to feel outside of their comfort zone. Give your hiring managers the training they need today. Teach them how to interview, hire and onboard individuals with disabilities so they can be more successful, inclusive and comfortable the next time they have a position to fill. Presented by HirePotential founder Sheridan Walker, this live 90-minute, interactive webinar prepares your management team to easily navigate and increase their expertise of meeting and interviewing applicants with a variety of disabilities. Perfect for up to 25 participants, this webinar helps hiring managers: understand their role in OFCCP compliance and other disability regulations, interview those with different types of disabilities, be aware of the do’s and don’ts for interview questions, see beyond a disability and focus on the ability, dispel myths, fears and attitude barriers, effectively manage diverse work groups, create a comfortable, inclusive environment for all, and more. Be proactive and get your hiring managers up to speed on all types of disabilities today. Format and Timing: 1.5 Hours Session conducted via WebEx,.  This introductory module is appropriate for all management levels within your organization.  The module is interactive and provides a solid foundation for successfully recruiting and hiring people with disabilities Training Topics:

  • Brief overview of OFCCP and Disability
  • Learn about your own fears and attitudes
  • Learn how to conduct an interview with someone who is blind, deaf or in a wheelchair
  • What you need to know about hidden disabilities
  • Learn what you can and cannot say or do in an interview – legal vs illegal questions
  • Learn how to be fully inclusive in your role as a leader
  • Learn how to be at ease and professional

Potential Outcomes:

  • Identify and hire the best qualified individuals
  • Learn how to be an effective manager of a diverse work group
  • Build a sustainable inclusive culture for all
  • Develop a competitive hiring and recruiting process
  • Decrease employment liability exposure



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